Choosing the Right Class

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All classes are designed to develop the young dancer in age appropriate work of fundamental technique, musicality, strength and overall artistic expression. Choose your class based on the style and age group that is appropriate.  For dancers age six and older, take the following into consideration:

  • Beg/Int  For the dancer with little or no dance experience, or no more than 1-3 years of dance education, or is learning a new style of dance.
  • Int-1  For the dancer with at least 2-3 years of dance education who has moved beyond the basics, yet is ready for intermediate work.   Permission of instructor is recommended.
  • Int-2 Age 10-14. For the mature dancer with many years of dance training who has demonstrated a high level of proficiency in the fundamental skills, is ready to move on to a higher level of difficulty and may not be ready for a teen class.  Permission of instructor is required, pre-requisites may apply.    


Classes designed beginner through advanced dancers. The class will develop technique, self-expression, strength, choreography, musicality and performance.  A respectful attitude, regular attendance, the ability to execute skills at each level of difficulty will develop the spirit of joy, teamwork, and accomplishment.

  • Beg/Int  Dancers who are working on mastering the fundamentals.
  • Int-1  Dancers who have the experience and skills necessary to meet basic intermediate technique requirements. Permission of instructor is required.
  • Int-2  Dancers with many years of experience who demonstrate high levels of technique, strength, musicality, the ability to execute complex choreography, with a high level of performance. Permission of instructor is required, pre-requisites may apply.
  • Int/Adv  Experienced dancers who are able to perform complex choreography at pre-professional levels of technique and artistry. Permission of instructor is required, pre-requisites may apply.
  • Technique Only  Classes designed to develop strong technical skills for beginner, intermediate and advance dancers. Permission of instructor is required.

We reserve the right to place dancers according to their age, ability level, and experience. Personal evaluations by instructor are available by request.